Brexit… An Opportunity for the Independent Hotelier?

While it seems everybody has a different opinion about Brexit, one thing most of us can agree on is the amount of uncertainty our momentous decision has wrought.  We already live in a different country to the one we inhabited back in 2016, and there are plenty of unidentified changes still to come.

Unfortunately, as is so often the British way, pessimism is abound!  But while reports of stockpiled food and medicine make for sober reading, there are still many reasons to be cheerful.  Particularly for those of us in the luxury travel industry, an exciting host of potential opportunities await.

The lay of the post-Brexit land

A welcome boost to the global economy, combined with a post-Brexit fall in the value of the pound, has fuelled both the desire to travel and an incentive to visit the UK.  PwC’s most recent UK hotels forecast anticipates that the positive growth we saw in 2017 is set to continue, even in the face of Brexit-related uncertainty.

A taste of the exclusive

Steeped in unique heritage, cultural diversity and with so much to discover, Britain has always been a highly attractive destination for overseas travellers.  London alone boasts just under 100 five-star hotels, 65 Michelin-starred restaurants and countless private members’ clubs.

It is very hard to imagine that the worldwide desire to visit the UK will be dampened just because we are no longer part of the EU.  In fact, British independence could whet travellers’ appetites even more, imbuing our island with a tempting sense of exclusivity.

The UK has never been part of Schengen (the area of Europe that allows free movement), which means that many visitors are high-end travellers who are prepared to make more of an effort.  If a visa is required to enter the UK, it is highly doubtful that these travellers will be deterred – just as the requirement doesn’t deter millions of travellers who visit the United States every year.

Standing out from the EU crowd

When it comes to luxury travel, the UK already enjoys a considerable head start.  The independent hotelier can definitely build on this by offering unrivalled customer service, with a calm and confident approach that befits everything we have to offer.

There is no doubt that we will all be watching and waiting for the many fluctuations Brexit will bring.  Yet regardless of its effects, our country is quite unlike any other, and there will always be countless opportunities for our luxury travel industry to thrive.

All we have to do is Keep Calm, stay positive…and make the most of every opportunity.

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